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My Top 5 Books for Financial Peace in Retirement

I was recently asked by, a website for book lovers devoted to sharing 8,000+ authors' top 5 books, to share my picks for financial peace in retirement.

As a wealth advisor for over 37 years, I find many people reach retirement lacking clarity and confidence. Traditional financial advice often focuses on things that are unknowable, uncontrollable, and frankly don’t matter that much. While sound technical investment, estate, and tax planning are critical, the soul’s need for meaning and purpose are as important as sound financial plans.

The path to true financial peace may be simpler than you think. These books can help you focus on the fewer, more critical things so that you can thrive in retirement and free yourself from financial media which is not in business to support your vision of a meaningful life.

You can check out my handpicked selections here:

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